Publications 2008

Lorenz Lassnigg, Martin Unger

Funding higher education - where is Austria going?

Articel in the magazine: IB Revija

The paper describes the new system of funding Austrian universities, which is mainly based on performance agreements. Secondly, the consequences of the old funding system with restricted public budgets in times of a "massification" of university education and an open access policy are described. Equity in access is discussed under these conditions, resulting in a very unequal system mainly due to the strong social selectivity of the school system.

Moreover, reforming the open access policy will be at the top of the political agenda in the near future. We conclude that the new system of funding follows in its core the old culture of negotiation, because objective criteria are rarely taken into account. Most of all this is true for the research performance of the universities. Overall, the efficiency of the system is hard to judge because relevant data is lacking. This won´t change much in the near future.

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Suggested quote:
Lassnigg, Lorenz; Unger, Martin (2008), Funding higher education - where is Austria going?, in: IB Revija, 42(1), pp. 23-30.