Thematic Study on Policy Measures Concerning Disadvantaged Youth

This thematic study on policy measures concerning disadvantaged youth aims at enhancing the understanding of disadvantage in young people s transitions from school to work. It will provide local, national and EU policies as well as NGOs concerned with the social inclusion of disadvantaged youth a knowledge base of policies developed, applied and evaluated within the enlarged EU context. This knowledge base is both applicable and informed by a comparative perspective taking into account different labour markets and institutional contexts across Europe. From the 13 countries involved Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and the UK display noticeable problems with the inclusion of either unemployed youth or early school leavers while Austria, Denmark and Slovenia are referred to as contrast countries with a better performance.

The prime objective is to identify factors that account for the success or failure of policies in facilitating the transitions of disadvantaged youth from school to work in a sustainable way.

Project team

Mario Steiner


12.2004–10.2005 (finished)


Institut für regionale Innovation und Sozialforschung (IRIS)


Download des Gesamtberichts von der Homepage der Europäischen Kommission (Studienbezeichnung: Politische Maßnahmen für benachteiligte Jugendliche, englisch)

Project documentation

Nationaler Bericht (deutsch) PDF, 164 KB