National Social Dialogue on Employment Policies: Case study Austria

The comparative study looks at the way, in which social partners in 11 European countries are involved or contribute to the formulation of employment policies, to implementation of adopted measures, to their monitoring and evaluation. The comparative report is based on country reports written by national experts. This "objective" part is complemented by a survey on the perception of the involvement of all social partners and governments in all stages of employment strategy (creation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation).

The project aims at bringing good and bad lessons to be learnt in this area. It also aims at contributing to the improvement of social dialogue in employment policies in the whole region. The starting points for comparison are the ILO standards (the Employment Policy Convention, 1964 (No. 122) and the Global Employment Agenda) and the European Employment Strategy.

Project team

Lorenz Lassnigg


01.2004–01.2005 (finished)


International Labour Organisation (ILO)


RILSA-Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs