Managing Social Risks through Transitional Labour Markets (TLM.net)

The network shall bring together scholars from Europe (East, West, North and South; European Union and beyond) in an opening conference on
"managing social risks through transitional labour markets". Major research on basic labour market transitions and transitions into other spheres of social life, like learning, caring, unemployment and retirement shall be compared across the countries to contribute to detailed proposals of the reform of the European social model.

Subsequently, in a set of 6 seminars more detailed reform proposals on each transitional labour market, social processes, actors involved and institutional arrangements will be discussed. Preference has been given to a wide representation of countries in the network to test the scope to generalise policy proposals from the work of the network to the European social model. The network brings together scholars from multiple social science disciplines and accompanies their research with easy access to comparable research on labour market transitions from a transitional labour markets perspective in other European countries. A final conference will then confront the results of the network proceedings (book publication, tlm.net homepage and download pool, input from policy makers) with the social partners and government officials at the national and European Union level to delineate some concrete reform proposals emanating from the perspective of transitional labour markets and social science research. The internet based activities of the tlm.net network will stimulate the European debate on the right to work with the "regulative idea" of a potential for an Employment Insurance combining traditional forms of social insurance.The aim of the network is to contribute to the modernisation of the European social model. We intend to find new combinations of policies that work more effectively than the traditional attribution of policies to specific domains of either working or social life. A new form of social risk management and a more cost-effective use of resources for social policies should contribute to revitalise the European social model. Based on the concept of transitional labour markets we explore options of modernising basic European institutions like unemployment insurance, lifelong learning, family and pension systems. Comparative analyses of welfare regimes and social processes at the local, regional, national and European level are evaluated to find innovative solutions to the new social risks that emanate from the transition to the knowledge society as the pool of vulnerable people in society changes.The realisation of the research of the TLM.NET network in many European countries into the (new) social risks and the managing of social risks through transitional labour markets is expected to provide new insights into the debate on social policy and the modernisation of the European social model. The results of the project, including policy analyses and evaluations, will be disseminated through journals, academic and electronic publications and the final seminar of the network project.

The following publications on transitional labour markets are a result of research for the TRANSLAM project, the intellectual predecessor of the TLM.NET thematic network:

  • Lassnigg L. (2005): Lifelong learning, school to work and labour market transitions. Position paper workpackage 4.(TLM.NET 2005 Working Paper No. 2005-06). Amsterdam: SISWO/Social Policy Research. (Download PDF).
  • Koning, J. d., & Mosley, H. (2001): Labour market policy and unemployment: impact and process evaluations in selected European countries. Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Pub.
  • O Reilly, J., Cebrián, I., & Lallement, M. (2000): Working-time changes: social integration through transitional labour markets. Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Pub.
  • Schmid, G., & Gazier, B. (2002): The dynamics of full employment: social integration through transitional labour markets.Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar Pub.
  • Schömann, K., & O Connell, P. J. (2002): Education, training and employment dynamics: transitional labour markets in the European Union. Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Pub.*

Project team

Lorenz Lassnigg (work package 4: "Lifelong learning, school to work and labour market transitions")


01–01.2005 (finished)


European Commission


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