Projects: Lifelong Learning

LEONIE: Learning in Europe: Observatory on National and International Evolution

The LEONIE project aims at contributing to the on-going analysis of learning systems evaluation carried out by agencies such as EURYDICE and CEDEFOP, and to contribute to the establishment of a European level observation capacity on education and training; in this way it hopes to facilitate policy orientation and to contribute to the straightening of the open coordination method among Member Countries and European Institutions in the domain of lifelong learning and, specifically, in the achievement of the concrete long term objectives for European education and training.

Within this framework the LEONIE project addresses the issue of learning systems evaluation and education and training policy development. In order to achieve realistic and comprehensive scenarios of the possible future developments of the learning systems, the project focuses on five main domains of change: structure, content, interface, globalisation, and market development. The impact of a variety of trends are studied in detail.

Main activities:

  • Desk research
  • Selection of indicators
  • DELPHI survey
  • 8 national seminars
  • report & final workshop


Project team

Lorenz Lassnigg, Martin Unger, Stefan Vogtenhuber

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05.2003–05.2006 (finished)


European Commission, DG for Education and Culture


Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) Project Coordinator; SCIENTER, Bologna, IT; The Lambrakis Reseach Foundation (LRF), GR; Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg, D; CIREM, Barcelona, SP; The Local Insitute for Training and Employment /IMFE), SP; Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE); University Politehnica of Bukarest (UPB)


Understanding Change, Adapting to Change, Shaping the Future. Change Drivers, Trends & Core Tensions for European Learning Systems & Educational Policies.

Project documentation

Final Report PDF, 1.7 MB


Executive Summary PDF, 281 KB