Profile: About equi


equi (employment – qualification – innovation) is a research unit within the sociology department of the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) in Vienna, Austria.

equi analyses, evaluates and forecasts development and innovation processes in the areas of education/training and employment with a special focus on the interfaces between these areas, the social impact of political intervention, and social disparities on the basis of gender, ethnicity or education. equi draws on methods used in “comparative studies” (i.e. international comparisons, comparisons of different social categories), which is the focal point of the department’s activities, and on modern approaches of inequality research (e.g. intersectionality). Moreover, equi aims at systematically integrating qualitative and quantitative research techniques at a high scientific level.

Its activities include both basic and applied research and the delivery of teaching to postgraduate students at the Institute for Advanced Studies and several Austrian universities. In addition, members of equi are involved in qualification programmes of other educational and training institutions. By means of scientific publications, contributions to conferences, lectures and press work equi addresses the scientific community, policy-makers and the interested public. equi disseminates the findings of its studies as well as the recommendations for policy measures that it derives therefrom and thereby encourages critical debates on socio-political developments and provides new scientific insights.

The research profile of equi is characterized by:
theory-driven applied research
interdisciplinary cooperation within social and economic science and
international cooperation in manifold research network.
The multidisciplinary structure of the team and the IHS itself, which is concerned with economics and finance as well as with political science and sociology, is a great asset to the activities of equi. equi benefits from the manifold expertise regularly provided to IHS by professors and guest researchers.

equi has been designed as a „learning organisational unit“ based on the principle of self-organisation. At present, it consists of 9 researchers and Lorenz Lassnigg as head of unit. equi ensures a fair gender balance to promote equal opportunities of men and women.

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